Jobs in St. Lucie County

Employers who want to move to St. Lucie County or residents that want to start a business here or even expand their current business are looking for three things within the community: sufficient infrastructure to move goods and to service customers, a low cost of living, and a properly educated population. As your county commissioner, I will make sure that the infrastructure, such as highways, roads, railways, and waterways are properly maintained to facilitate commerce. There are major construction projects at the airport and the port that will need skilled labor to complete them for the next few years. I pledge to go to Washington and fight for dollars on federal projects. I will lobby our Congressman and state legislators to get all available money to help the county improve the bridges, roadways, and transportation systems here in the county. For all major county projects, there should be local residents performing that work. Thinking ahead about the growth of St. Lucie and planning for growth, and saving for it, is what will help business grow in St. Lucie County and help with residential commuting.


I want to make sure that employers can readily find workers to do the jobs here in the county without having to bring in people from outside the county or the state. I will work with current business owners to make sure that the kind of workers they are looking for are coming out of training programs offered in the county. We need to make sure that our elementary children are ready for their next level learning and so on into high school. Those students who graduate are more than prepared to learn in college. For those students that do not want to go to college but still have a desire to learn, I will make sure that skilled labor and apprenticeship training programs are offered to them so they can choose their pathway to success. As industry evolves and adapts to changes in the market or with new technology, workers should be helped in getting new training and learning those new skills so they can keep pace with the changes in the workforce. I believe in giving people a chance to be the best they can be. Residents should have the option to have a career. A job with a pathway to success should be an option for all.

When it comes to the cost of living in St. Lucie, it is lower that other places in South Florida. I believe we can keep it that way by being conservative in our spending and mindful of the future. For example, the millions of dollars in wasted taxpayer money that was given to Digital Domain by Port St. Lucie was not a good decision and as a county commissioner, I will be a watchdog for unnecessary spending to make sure the county spends wisely on programs and services. We need to look ahead into the future and keep a healthy "rainy day" fund so the government does not run back to the taxpayer saying they need more money. In my line of work, we have something called the 5 P's, which is "Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance." That is how the county will keep the cost of living low. If the residents have jobs and the county has a healthy savings in reserve, there is no need to raise the millage or ask for more revenue to fund programs or services.