Taxes in St. Lucie County

Let us remember the purpose and reason for taxes. Taxes are the way the government raises revenue for its operations. That being said we all need to think about what "operations" or the way the government uses our tax dollars. I am a Democrat but I DO NOT believe in the "tax and spend" policy. For example, the private company called Digital Domain used public money and then failed. Millions of tax dollars were wasted and the money will never be recouped or repaid. As a taxpayer, I do not want my money used like that. Incentives for businesses to move to St. Lucie County can come in other forms that will not be "free money" to a private business.


The other way that our tax money is used is to fund the departments that provide for our safety and protection such as the sheriff department and the fire firefighters. Amendment 1 on the ballot seeks to increase the amount of the homestead exemption from $50,000 to $75,000. That sounds good for you if you are a homeowner, but what is the real cost of those savings? The reality is that children services will lose $500,000 immediately, the fire fighters will lose $2,300,000 immediately, while the county loses $8,000,000 overall. That means fire stations will close because they will not have the personnel or resources to cover the county as it currently stands. I urge you to look at your Ad Valorem tax bill and see if your savings is worth a longer response time for emergency personnel.